36 minutes | Aug 19, 2020

#7: Heroes of Today: Healthcare as Told by Equitas Health

On this episode we are going to focus on how healthcare providers have had to pivot during the coronavirus pandemic, and what that means for the communities they serve. Today we will be talking with the COO of Equitas Health, which is a federally designated community health center that serves communities in over 13 cities, reaching people in Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia. 

We live in an era of empowered patients, and technology is a huge diver for people to be more proactive with their health - when they have access to it. More people are using wearables to gather their own biometrics and data and then having conversations with their providers around that data, and many of us have more access to medical knowledge than ever before. We're here talking about what that means for now, and what is coming next.

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