55 minutes | Apr 1, 2021

Steve Munger (computational genetics)

Steve Munger  is an Assistant Professor of Systems Genetics at The Jackson Laboratory. Steve is a computational biologist with a passion for finding patterns in “big data”.  Steve and his lab explore the natural genetic variation in each of us that makes us each unique, searching for patterns in our 3 billion bases of DNA that explain why some of us are more likely to get a specific disease than others. Using mice as a model, he seeks to discover how DNA mutations that assert subtle individual effects  – “genetic paper cuts” – can, in certain combinations, disrupt gene regulatory networks, cellular function, and ultimately lead to disease.Steve presented at the MSF Showcase Event 5 Minute Genius in 2017. You can see his video at the MSF YouTube channel. Connect with Steve on LinkedIn, or on Twitter (@stevemunger). His research page is https://www.jax.org/research-and-faculty/research-labs/the-munger-lab.~~~~~~~The Maine Science Podcast is a production of the Maine Science Festival. It was recorded at Discovery Studios, at the Maine Discovery Museum, in Bangor, Maine. Edited and produced by Kate Dickerson; production support by Maranda Bouchard. The Discover Maine theme was composed and performed by Nick Parker. Support provided by Maine Technology Institute.Find us online:Website - Maine Science FestivalMaine Science Festival on social media: Facebook    Twitter     InstagramMaine Science Podcast on social media: Facebook    Twitter     Instagramcontact us: podcast@mainesciencefestival.org© 2021 Maine Science Festival
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