54 minutes | Dec 15, 2022

Vegan Activist Jamie Logan

A 24-year-old New Yorker whose life is dedicated to ending animal suffering, Jamie Logan is a case study in commitment. Whether standing silently in a Cube of Truth, showing video imagery of standard practices in animal ag; going out on the street in her skivvies as part of The Lingerie Protest; doing a beautifully produced -- and sometimes seriously funny -- YouTube show, "It's Jamie's Corner," in which she confronts passersby about where animal foods come from; or working her day job at a Vegan film production company, this is a young woman who has figured out how to have a life, have her twenties, and also show up every day as a voice for the voiceless. 

Some quotations to take away: "There's no right way to do the wrong thing," and "The only thing I've taken out of my diet is the cruelty."

Jamie's website: Her YouTube channel trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7uCaG85EtLk

Instagram: @itsjamiescorner and @jaylokurtz

Also alluded to in the episode:

Veganuary: (Jamie%20did%20that%20and%20never%20went%20back)%3C/div%3E%3Cdiv%20class=" rel="nofollow">2023: Your Year of Living Agelessly: Victoria's January 7th Zoom retreat -- check it out at https://www.tinyurl.com/ageless2023

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