54 minutes | Oct 27, 2022

Social Graces and Business Class, with Jacqueline Whitmore

Jacqueline Whitmore didn't come from the upper crust, but she learned early that courtesy and caring opened doors and created opportunity. After paying some dues to corporate America, she set out to found the Protocol School of Palm, offering etiquette training not a Downton Abbey-style class system, but a contemporary refiguring of etiquette that seeks to incorporate "classy" into one's work life and personal dealings. 

Jacqueline's definition of etiquette is "the art of knowing how to treat other people," and in this episode she shows us how to do this with confidence and ease. Are the rules changing at a dizzying pace? They are. Is it common to feel, especially post-pandemic, that we're just not sure what's acceptable, online and off? Very common. But even so, says Jacqueline, we would all do well to follow this advice from one of her mentors: "Always take the high road, because the low road is really crowded."

Jacqueline's website https://etiquetteexpert.com

Instagram @jacquelinewhitmore

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