64 minutes | Dec 1, 2022

Medical Medium Protocols With Muneeza Ahmed

Muneeza, the Intuitive Medicine Woman®, is a healer who was once a patient. Chronic fatigue syndrome and intractable eczema pushed her to find answers beyond what traditional medicine had to offer. She studied nutrition, changed her own diet, became a certified holistic health coach, and ultimately discovered Anthony William, the Medical Medium®, who brought her recovery full-circle and recognized her innate healing gifts. Today, Muneeza counsels private and group clients in the Medical Medium protocols which use foods , supplements, and a spiritual connection to get to the root of various ills. During this hour, we discuss pathogens that may be behind autoimmune or other "mystery" illnesses, the Unforgiving Four , brain health, how celery juice got so sexy, and juxtaposing science with a way of seeing health and disease that comes from a very different place.

Muneeza's links: 

Website: https://www.muneezaahmed.com

Instagram: @muneezamedicalintuitive 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Health.With.Muneeza 

Books mentioned in this episode: 

 Medical Medium , by Anthony William

Medical Medium Life-Changing Foodsby Anthony William

Medical Medium Celery Juice by Anthony William

Medical Medium Cleanse to Heal, by Anthony William

Medical Medium Brain Saver by Anthony William

Medical Medium Brain Saver Protocols, Cleanses and Recipes, by Anthony William 

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