52 minutes | Apr 13, 2023

Enlightened Living, Dining & Healing With Yogi Nina Hayes

Nina Hayes was drawn to mysticism as a little girl in Catholic school, and she discovered yoga early. She was also stricken in her mid-teens with a digestive disorder that led to twenty surgeries. In overcoming everything from fear of dying to the shame of living with an ostomy, her spirituality deepened and this incredible woman is using everything she's learned an experienced to help others. 

Through Blossom Ostomy, she works with people who have experienced similar surgeries and her vision is to have this service in every hospital in America. She also teaches yoga, Jivamukti lineage, and gives yoga retreats in such luminous locales as Bali and Tulum. And as the "Enlightened Chef," she offers private chef services and the "Enlightened Supper Club" in LA.

In this hour, we discuss applying spiritual principles to real life, what it is to be a "food empath." and yoga that goes deeper than physical postures. If you're looking to be inspired, look no further.



IG: @ninahayesmission


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