50 minutes | Mar 2, 2023

Animals, Kids, and Yoga for Grownups, With Kathleen Kastner

Kathleen Kastner is an author, yogi, fitness expert, animal rescuer, and committed Vegan. We talk about her new picture book, Karma Cats to the Rescue -- based on a true story of two house cats who help a stray kitty acclimate to having a forever home -- and also about Kathleen's personal journey. We talk about her commitment to animals and Vegan living, and then turn to a fascinating assessment of yoga, as it's presented in the West, from someone who owned a yoga studio for sixteen years. The long and short of it: yoga really is yoga philosophy, the quieting of the mind, and the physical postures are supposed to help with that, not make all of us seventeen and double-jointed. Injury is legion among yoga enthusiasts in midlife and later, and we discuss how to avoid being sidelined

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Yoga's Path to Weight Loss by Kathleen Kastner

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Autobiography of a Yogi, Paramahansa Yogananda


Main Street Vegan Podcast Diet for a New America, by John Robbins

Be Still and Know, by Thich Nhat Hanh 

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