55 minutes | Nov 14, 2016

How to Create Positive Change in Your Life

Change is the one constant in the Universe. Everything is moving and changing at all times. That includes your thoughts, your emotions and your physical body. Thus in every step you take you are a new person standing in a new world with new awarenesses, and you are even made up of new and different cells in your body. These changes seem to be taking place without our control, and yet science shows us today that we do have an effect on our exterior world. How is this possible? It starts with understanding our interior world and changing from within. Have you ever tried to make your reflection in the mirror smile when it was frowning? You must smile first. Your surroundings will reflect your inner state of being. So creating positive change in your life is really about making positive changes on the inside. Tune in and listen as Sheila and her guest Carey Avalon as they talk about creating positive change.
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