12 minutes | Oct 6, 2021

Instagram Went DOWN...This is Why I Didn't Panic About My Business

I have to admit,  I had a different episode planned for this week. But if you're running a business online, and I bet you are if you're listening to this, Facebook and Instagram had a global outage earlier this week.Fun, right?!And my first thought - how awesome is this?Followed swiftly by...Wait a minute. How many people are panicking about their business? A peak at my inbox told me how many people were in fear AND selling solutions based on that fear.I literally spent the last episode teaching how to make sales on Instagram Stories - so why was I not panicking when it all went down?Let's take a look...RESOURCES:>> Ep 48 - How I Have 5 Figure Months Selling on IG Stories- LISTEN NOWLINKS:>> Click here to join the waitlist for Empower Sales Academy >> Download your 3 FREE IG Story Sales Scripts: Click here!>> Hang out with me on Instagram: @milanasarenac
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