50 minutes | Oct 13, 2021

Book Club #3 : Plots, Ploys and other Cons by Brent Braun

This week on the Magicians Talking Magic Podcast we are joined by members of the Discord for our 3rd Book Club! Book Club 3 is putting the spotlight on Plots, Ploys and other Cons by Brent Braun. Hear what this group of magicians thinks about the book and if you should be adding this to your library. It’s October, and that means Magic Month; we are kicking off this episode with a bunch of big news and updates when it comes to virtual and in-person magic experiences ♣♥♠♦ Episode Links ♣♥♠♦  Elora Magic Lounge | Oct 23, 30 ► magicfestival.ca Music & Magic | Oct 28 ► tafelmusik.org  CAM JAM | Oct 28 ►cammagic.org Joe Diamond Lecture ► ibmring235.org ♣♥♠♦ Meet Your Hosts ♣♥♠♦ Ryan Joyce ► ryanjoyce.com Graemazing Reed ► graemazing.com
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