112 minutes | Sep 15th 2020

#051 - "DFO vs the World" (Dungeon Fighter Online)

It's the most successful game you've never heard of: this episode of MAGE CAST represents our Dungeon Fighter Online podcast! In this rapidly evolving conversation, we discuss combining 2D side-scrolling beat 'em up gameplay with RPG elements, Nexon closing servers, best-selling video game franchises and DFO's very high place on those lists, cultural differences regarding DFO, microtransactions, and competition, why games age, the retro aesthetic and impressionism, how the game has changed over the years, its real mess of a story, Eastern vs Western sensibilities in regards to religious symbolism, true player agency, emergent gameplay and roleplay, the game's classes and subclasses, the endgame and the sheer insane stats in this game (in the trillions), the future of DFO, Project BBQ, a console version, and regional markets.

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Guest: @sommerfeldt_r

Links: https://www.dfoneople.com/

Music: "Dungeon Fighter Theme Song" & "Wind of You [Instrumental ver.]" by Neople

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