86 minutes | Aug 17th 2020

#049 - "Final Smash: The Spirits Within" (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

On this Super Smash Bros Ultimate podcast, it's the biggest crossover event in history... and also Smash Ultimate! MAGE CAST is back and I'm featuring @DuctapePlays on this very special resurrection episode of the podcast. We're talking sheer numbers to illustrate just how big Super Smash Bros. Ultimate really is, plus more Fire Emblem characters (plz no), the most awkward tournament trophy ever, differences between the Smash games and ranking them to see if Ultimate is truly the ultimate: Brawl's floatiness, Smash 64's wonkiness, Melee's eloquent movement, and the perfect Smash game. The wonderful accessibility of the Smash series as fighting games, stickers, trophies, and spirits, the creative spirit battles, the World of Light, remembering Subspace Emissary, and we spend a hearty amount of time talking characters: the main roster and our mains, the DLC characters, Fighter Pass Vol. 2, and obscure picks. Rest in peace, Luigi.


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Guest: @DuctapePlays
Music: "Lifelight" (instrumental version) & "Main Theme" (no lyrics version)

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