24 minutes | Jun 1, 2020

10: Life of a Paintbrush

Today on the podcast I interviewed Sherstin Schwartz, the artist behind lifeofapaintbrush.com.Sherstin creates what she calls 'alien floral' designs out of polymer clay. Sherstin combined her unique combination of experience creating floral designs with her love of UFO's to arrive at this idea. The result resembles a plant scene from another world. But Sherstin doesn't stop there, she creates all kinds of other art from a variety of mediums and inspirations! Have a listen to the episode to hear her story in her own words, and don't forget to check out her work:madetoorderpodcast.com/life-of-a-paintbrushinstagram.com/lifeofapaintbrushfacebook.com/lifeofapaintbrushtwitter.com/Lifeofapaintertiktok.com/@lifeofapaintbrush.com
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