27 minutes | Apr 6, 2020

05: Kamila makes Very Ugly Plates

The title of the episode says it all. Very ugly plates. That sounds like a strange business to be in, after all, who wants something that's declared ugly in the description? Well one look as veryuglyplates.de and you may change your mind. Today's guest Kamila creates these very ugly plates and although they may be ugly, it doesn't bother her! They also happen to be hilarious, and a perfect gift for anyone with a good sense of humor. Have a listen to the episode to find out how Very Ugly Plates came to be and how you can get your own. You can also head over to madetoorderpodcast.com to read more about Kamila and her business.veryuglyplates.deinstagram.com/veryuglyplatessfacebook.com/veryuglyplates
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