62 minutes | Mar 12th 2019

Ep. 78: How Inner Connectedness Can Cultivate Outer Consciousness with Lex Weinstein

In this episode, surfer, environmentalist and conscious creative, Lex Weinstein and I discuss how deepening our inner connectedness can cultivate outer consciousness. She shares stories from her journey of navigating ‘belonging’ and helps us understand our own influence as individuals and consumers. Together we explore the idea of purchasing power as activism and how we can effect real change by voting with our dollars.   EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS & TOPICS DISCUSSED: Lex gives us a glimpse into her journey growing up in a culturally-rich family who influenced the way she perceives and interacts with the world. Lex describes how her obsession with surfing ended up dictating the direction of her life and how her fierce connection with the ocean has taught her how to be present in every moment. Lex shares her creative background, from graphic design to wardrobe styling to freelance writing to creative direction, with the underlying current being storytelling, "creating spaces to tell stories that engage our senses". Lex leads us through a collective tarot reading, her way of channeling energy and creative force into an intention that helps set the tone and stay focused throughout the day while also celebrating the stage or season we find ourselves in. Lex shares how practicing tarot can be a great way to have a conversation with the self and your subconscious that we aren’t taught how to have in western culture. We discuss overcoming feelings of “not belonging” by immersing ourselves in nature and allowing ourselves the space to re-discover our childlike joy and wonder. What inspired Lex to create her ‘conscious collaboration checklist’ and make some major changes to the way she partners with brands. How to see our purchasing power as activism and understand how easily we can vote with our dollars. Lex shares a concept called ‘eco-feminism’ which advocates the balance of masculine and feminine ideals. Understanding that we are not only connected to our environment but reliant on it is what Lex believes will dissipates the patriarchy.   SHOW NOTES & REFERENCES: Download Lex's Conscious Collab Checklist Also mentioned: Wildly Intentional Checklist More details about Lex's curated surf experience in collaboration with Olo Surf Nature, happening in Morocco this March and April, click here! Our episode brand partner, Pala Eyewear, is an ethical eyewear brand that looks good and does good. Like Lex, they don't just talk about sustainability, they actually do it. They walk the talk, working to put people and the planet before profits and sustainable practices at the forefront of their operations. From initiatives in carbon offsetting, using recycled packaging to providing grants for eyecare projects in underdeveloped countries, Pala has built an immense amount of intention behind their product. If you’re in the market for a new pair of shades, click here to peruse their online store and support our collective mission to further the common good. This episode is supported by our monthly patrons. Head to patreon.com/ideaswithintention to learn more about becoming a show supporter or show influencer!
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