19 minutes | Feb 19th 2019

Ep. 76: Making Your Business More Experiential

Today’s episode explores experiential marketing, a strategy you can activate within your business to cultivate connections with your consumers in fresh and inspiring ways. Tune in for 5 best practices on crafting a thoughtful and intentional branded experience that is sure to build your brand’s recognition, reach and impact.    EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS & TOPICS DISCUSSED: What is experiential marketing? —A deep look into the heart and soul behind the strategy What makes experiential marketing more effective than commercials or print ads Why you should view events as marketing activations vs. money makers in business Examples of experiential marketing campaigns that I've executed with clients and how other companies are using the same concept to elevate their own brand engagement 5 best practices for getting started with experiential marketing   SHOW NOTES & REFERENCES: To chat with Shannan about how she can help you execute an experiential marketing strategy in your business, visit shannanscott.com/services This episode is supported by our monthly patrons. Head to patreon.com/ideaswithintention to learn more about becoming a show supporter or show influencer!
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