43 minutes | Feb 12th 2019

Ep. 75: Protecting Panties, the Planet & the Future of Women with Betsy Drach

Boycotting tampons and bettering the lives of women around the world, one period at a time… that is the topic of this episode. Listen in for an in-depth interview with Betsy Drach, the founder of Dot International, a leading menstrual cup company that is making a difference with its empowering one-for-one business model.   EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS & TOPICS DISCUSSED: Betsy’s story and what led her to founding Dot International How a work trip with World Vision inspired her one-for-one business model The Dot Cup difference; what makes this menstrual cup different than others on the market Menstrual Cup 101: how to use one and all the nitty gritty details How menstrual cups protect not only our panties, but also our personal and planetary wellness The route Betsy took to launch Dot International and challenges in manufacturing Betsy’s vision for the future of Dot International Where to purchase your first Dot Cup   SHOW NOTES & REFERENCES: Download the Wildly Intentional Checklist Connect with Betsy: dotforall.com | @dotcup This episode is supported by our monthly patrons. Head to patreon.com/ideaswithintention to learn more about becoming a show supporter or show influencer!
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