45 minutes | Feb 5th 2019

Ep. 74: The ABC's of CBD: Conscious Cannabis Consumption with Mel Glaze

In this episode, I chat with Student of Botanical Medicine and Holistic Wellness Advocate, Mel Glaze about the intricacies of the cannabis plant. We discuss the recent CBD craze and why we should be cautionary and conscious of our consumption. Whether you’re curious about the hype or looking to add CBD to your wellness toolkit, this conversation will equip you with the information you need (and the questions to ask!) to be intentional with your usage.   EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS & TOPICS DISCUSSED: Mel shares her personal cannabis journey and what inspired her interest and education in botanical medicine. We discuss what was once seen as a ‘stoner culture’ has now become a welcoming community focused on wellness. The ABC’s of CBD — Mel gives us a crash course on the cannabis plant and how the plant’s properties interact with our internal system to provide various health benefits. Why cannabis should be seen as one tool in a much larger toolbox that we have at our disposal. And with that, Mel emphasizes bioindividuality: “What may be anxiety-reducing for one person might actually be anxiety-inducing for another person." Mel shares a few ways we can use cannabis as a tool in different areas of our lives, from reducing anxiety and inflammation to increasing creativity, self-awareness, and productivity. Why it's important to be cautionary with our consumption and the questions we should be asking ourselves to ensure safe usage. With so many CBD brands on the market, Mel shares the questions we should be asking before purchasing. Mel shares what she thinks the legalization of cannabis in countries nationwide means for the future.   SHOW NOTES & REFERENCES: Mel's go-to cannabis resources: Sativa Science Club, Hempsley & Trichome Institute Connect with Mel: holisticawellness.co | @mel.glaze This episode is supported by our monthly patrons. Head to patreon.com/ideaswithintention to learn more about becoming a show supporter or show influencer!
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