29 minutes | May 7th 2013

The Safety Dance

The GM biotech industry assures us they have conducted adequate safety studies of genetically modified foods, and that these DNA manipulated foods are entirely safe for human consumption. To bolster their claims of safety, the industry loves to tout the names and institutions of corroborating scientists. However, these same scientists and institutions are among the hidden benefactors funded by the very industry they support. Contrarily, a wealth of independent testing by credible and experienced scientists around the world, reveals consistently frightening results, all pointing to the dire health risks of long term GMO consumption. All of these test studies are inexplicably and vehemently dismissed by the profit driven biotech industry under claims such as a lack of credibility and faulty testing. It is alarming the protective agencies put in place to keep us safe do not even conduct their own testing of these foods, and instead rely on the tests supplied to them by corporations like Monsanto. In the safety dance of the GM biotech industry, it is the unsuspecting consumer who is not so safe after all. 
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