92 minutes | Oct 30th 2019

The Halloween Special (w/Tracy Clayton)

Season 1 of Mad Chat concludes with the one and only Tracy Clayton (living legend and former co-host of “Another Round”), who joins Sandy to defend a problematic fave holiday—Halloween. Along the way they talk costumes, pitfalls of being open about anxiety and depression on Twitter, and how E.T. kinda just looked like a loaf of bread.

Here’s Tracy’s Sexy Steve Harvey costume and her Prince one; here’s my Log Lady 

Here’s Tracy’s tweet about the Sexy Steve Harvey costume and times when you don’t look as bad on social media as you’re actually feeling (if you’re curious, check out the whole thread, though as we say, there’s some heavy stuff) 

Here’s the awful Halloween display I saw on a front stoop in Brooklyn 

Speaking of gender and Halloween costumes, here’s my essay that touches on that topic, for them

Speaking of trying to not say words like “insane” and “crazy”, here’s my essay about that from Gay Magazine 

Speaking of apologies and how to give them, here was an excellent Still Processing episode 

Reminder that our third Mad Chat Book Club pick is We’ve Been to Patient: Voices from Radical Mental Health, edited by L.D. Green and Kelechi Ubozoh. If you’re interested, pick up a copy and begin reading (it’s got numerous essays, articles, poems and so forth) and we’ll have our discussion sometime next year. I recommend it generally but especially if you’re looking for more points of view on madness/mental health written by people with first-hand experience. This is also an excellent resource (if you’re a mental health professional, for example) looking for more ‘data’ and ‘backup’ for the sorts of ideas you’ve been encountering on this podcast. 

This concludes Season 1! We’re taking and a break and will return with Season 2 next year! More exciting news hopefully forthcoming! Thanks for listening! If you love the show, please take some time to tell your friends/followers & rate/review us wherever you’re listening. The show is entirely independent for the time being and therefore entirely reliant on word of mouth. We appreciate your support! In the meantime, send us an email if you’ve got thoughts about what we’ve made so far, stuff you’d love to hear discussed on the future episodes, or just any question (and maybe someday we’ll answer it on the show). We’ll be on social media during the hiatus and maybe there’ll even be some surprises, so stay subscribed. Chat with you in 2020!