49 minutes | Feb 22, 2021

Kathy Bostjancic on Priorities for the Fed in 2021 and Beyond

Kathy Bostjancic is the chief US financial economist at Oxford Economics and joins Macro Musings to discuss the outlook for monetary and fiscal policy in 2021 as well as in financial markets. Specifically, David and Kathy discuss the prospects for Fed policy and personnel under the Biden Administration, immediate concerns facing the Fed as the COVID pandemic continues into 2021, what steps the Fed can take to make their new AIT framework credible, how large scale asset purchases have impacted asset prices and the real economy, and much more.


Transcript for the episode can be found here: https://www.mercatus.org/bridge/tags/macro-musings


Kathy’s Twitter: @BostjancicKathy

Kathy’s Oxford Economics profile: https://www.oxfordeconomics.com/about-us/staff/267824/kathy-bostjancic


David’s blog: macromarketmusings.blogspot.com

David’s Twitter: @DavidBeckworth

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