33 minutes | Apr 6, 2021

Dales Stevens - Inspirational Leaders are not just born that way.

 I am joined today by real life. Bonafide London trained actor, Dale Stevens Dale has played the role of an assassin in mission possible and as a detective in blue healers, but today she prefers to use that creativity to grow influence in the people that she coaches she uses her extensive experience in theatre, film, and TV to inform her  unique approach to coaching where she emphasises the importance of 'being present' to create powerful messaging that inspires new behaviours.Dale brings this podcast episode to life with her thoughts and experiences and she leaves our listeners with four key takeaways: inspirational leaders aren't necessarily born. You can learn to be an inspirational leader. inspirational leaders are pervasive. They work across the entire organisation. It's not dependent on your profession.  it's not something that only sales people can do. Accountants can be inspirational leaders as well. Be yourself because you need to be genuine in this, be present, be in the moment.  And if nothing else. Gain professional coaching as part of your leadership development journey.The smartest thing you can do is to leverage your own personality. 
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