46 minutes | May 3, 2021

105. The Role of a Board Member in M&A

On this episode of M&A Science, Kison interview Allen Gilmer, Founder, Advisor, and former CEO/Chairman of Enverus (formerly Drillinginfo) and CoFounder of Vecta Oil & Gas, Ltd., about the role of a board member in M&A. Learn how M&A evolves from founder led acquisitions to overseeing deals as a board member. In this podcast, you will hear about: - What led to Allen's decision to step back as CEO - How Allen chose his successor - What kind of deals Allen looks for as a board member   This podcast is brought to you by DealRoom, an M&A lifecycle management software. Go to DealRoom.net to learn more.   To join our network of M&A practitioners, sign up for our newsletter at mascience.com.   Perfect your M&A practice using Agile. Go to agilema.com to learn how you can close deals faster.
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