49 minutes | Apr 9, 2021

8 - The Three Little Pigs - Talk with medievalist Jamie Kreiner

One of the species humans co evolved with are pigs. In the well known folktale The 3 little pigs, Pigs are strangely builders, architects, and maybe social climbers, why is that? Medievalist Jamie Kreiner writes: “ The working relationship between humans and pigs came to shape not only patterns of farming and eating but also regional economies, legal cultures, physical policies, identities, and philosophies of the cosmos". Her book is Legions of pigs in the early medieval west”. “Pigs world view has also changed “ she writes. In the following interview, we talk about certain parts of her vast research, and dive into the early medieval west world view where all creatures were a divine manifestation. ... then we sidetrack on bones. Book : Legions of Pigs in Early Medieval West by Jamie Kreiner Image : Medieval Marginalia Music : Paul Husky. Violon : Lucie Petrou Podcast made possible by Walter and Elise Hass foundation in collaboration with Earth Activist Training
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