73 minutes | Dec 23, 2019

12-23-19 Learn about “Superfans” from Brittany Hodak - Increase Your Referrals!

Does your mortgage company have “Superfans” who refer your company to everyone they know? Whether you have a “Superfan” referral network or not, how would you like to create more referrals? Today’s Hot Topic segment is certainly one that will inspire you! Brittany Hodak is a keynote speaker who spoke at the HousingWire Engage event this past summer! What will you learn in this Interview? What is a “superfan” & why are superfans critical for success in 2020?Why is it impossible to buy customer loyalty?How can salespeople create more organic referrals without spending more time?Why is it critical to be able to tell your own story in a way that resonates?What are the right first steps for anyone looking to build superfans?What’s the Superfan WAVE process? (Making customers feel Welcomed, Appreciated, Validated and Engaged.)And much, much more! Want to know more about Brittany Hodak? Read more...
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