27 minutes | Jun 9th 2020

Luxury Real Estate Auctions - Going, Going, Gone!

Today we bust the myth that real estate auctions are just for desperate sellers.

Selling a luxury property is difficult, even in the best of markets. In this interview with Chad Roffers of Concierge Auctions, find out how real estate auctions are filling the void for sellers of high-end properties who want speed, certainty, and control in this competitive market.

You’ll learn about the challenges sellers are facing in the traditional market, whether a real estate auction might be right for you, how much an auction costs, and more.


  • Why luxury real estate auctions are growing in popularity.
  • The ins and outs of the auction process.
  • The difference between a reserve and no-reserve auction.
  • How to get the best reserve number. 
  • How much an auction costs for both buyers and sellers.
  • What price range a home auction is good for.
  • Pro tips for choosing the right real estate broker.


  • “We live in a virtual world, where everything is magnified.” - Chad Roffers
  • “Do I like it? Do I want it? Am I ready to compete?” - Rob Jensen
  • “We can take any property in the world, have it marketed, exposed, and sold.” - Chad Roffers
  • “To change the industry, first you have to understand it.” - Chad Roffers
  • “Selling a luxury property is difficult, even in the best of markets.” - Chad Roffers
  • “Auctions create the competition and that creates buyer confidence.” - Rob Jensen

Chad Roffers is the Chairman of global luxury real estate company, Concierge Auctions. Chad Roffers initial passion for technology was what ultimately led to his real estate career. He was fortunate to work with the founding team of eBay in the time before the company went public, and it was his experience there which ultimately sparked a lightbulb moment for Chad. He became fascinated by the auction model and wondered why it hadn’t been used in real estate. Chad saw that real estate hadn’t adapted to new technology and there was a real opportunity there.

Phone: 646-745-7589
E-Mail: Chad.Roffers@ConciergeAuctions.com
Website: ConciergeAuctions.com

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