57 minutes | Mar 20, 2021

171. Spawn Balance

Lured Up Podcast 171 Record Date - 3/18/21 Publish Date - 3/19/21   Another week into the Season of Legends and the events are still rolling in. As we wrap up the Searching For Legends Event, we have a few single day events to recap including the highly debated Incense Day. While this event did feel a bit bland, we discuss our thoughts on what could be done to spice things up.   We also cover the single hour events from the week like Incarnate Forme Thundurus Raid Hour, Voltorb Spotlight Hour, Therian Forme Thundurus Raid Hour, and finally Mega Raid Hour! All of this action is happening while the Charge Up Event is taking place. There was clearly a ton to do this week.   Niantic also announced two international events that think a bit outside of the box. A small business initiative in Japan and a Wayfarer Event in India bring in the human element to the game, and show the power that the community can have both socially and economically.   We wrap things up with a preview of Weather Week, which brings another wave of comprehensive event features. Including spawns, eggs, raids, and research, we have quite a bit to look forward to. Oh, and a new shiny Pokémon is always exciting too!   Searching For Legends - https://bit.ly/LU169Legends  March Events - https://bit.ly/LU168March  Charge Up - https://bit.ly/LU170ChargeUp  Rediscovering Memories - http://bit.ly/LU171Memories Festival of Colors - http://bit.ly/LU171Colors  Silph Souvenir Article - http://bit.ly/LU171Souvenir Weather Week - http://bit.ly/LU171Weather Support the show by shopping at TCGPlayer.com using this link - https://bit.ly/TCGPlayerAffiliate    Pokémon Professor Network Merch Store - https://bit.ly/PPNMerchStore  Secret League Pin - http://bit.ly/SecretLeaguePin  Google Calendar - https://bit.ly/LuredUpGoogleCalendar  Willow’s Almanac - https://bit.ly/LU127WillowsAlmanac    info@luredup.com    Inappropriate Voicemail, Text, and Picture Line - 732-835-8639  http://pokemonprofessor.com  https://www.luredup.com http://bit.ly/PokeProfNetPatreon  http://bit.ly/PokeProfNetFacebook  http://bit.ly/PokeProfNetTwitter  http://bit.ly/PokeProfNetYouTube  http://bit.ly/PokeProfNetInstagram  http://bit.ly/LuredUpTumblr  http://bit.ly/LuredUpApplePodcasts   http://bit.ly/LuredUpSpotify  http://bit.ly/LuredUpStitcher  http://bit.ly/LuredUpGooglePodcasts  http://bit.ly/LuredUpIHeartRadio  https://bit.ly/LUPodchaser    Hosts Ken Pescatore Adam Tuttle   Writer and Producer Ken Pescatore   Executive Producer  Paul Bhatt   Show music provided by GameChops and licensed through Creative Commons   ▾ FOLLOW GAMECHOPS ▾ http://instagram.com/GameChops http://twitter.com/GameChops http://soundcloud.com/GameChops http://facebook.com/GameChops http://youtube.com/GameChops http://www.gamechops.com   Intro Music Lake Verity (Drum & Bass Remix)  Tetracase GameChops - Ultraball http://gamechops.com/ultraball/ https://soundcloud.com/tetracase  https://soundcloud.com/MegaFlare0   Break Music National Park Mikel & GameChops GameChops - Poké & Chill http://smarturl.it/pokechill https://twitter.com/mikel_beats   Outro Music Vast Poni Canyon CG5 & GlitchxCity (Future Bass Remix) GameChops - Ultraball http://gamechops.com/ultraball/  http://soundcloud.com/cg5-beats https://soundcloud.com/glitchxcity Pokémon And All Respective Names are Trademark and © of Nintendo 1996-2020Pokémon GO is Trademark and © of Niantic, Inc.Lured Up and Pokémon Professor are not affiliated with Niantic Inc., The Pokémon Company, Game Freak or Nintendo.   #pokemon #pokemongo #podcast
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