1 minutes | Mar 28, 2019

L'unico podcast_Federico Babina on @domusweb - the metamorphism

Today there is the new episode of Federico Babina on Instagram Domus. The video is focused on Japan. The music is Japanese. the architectural elements create the portrait of a gesha. the typical red circle of the Japanese flag blends into the cubes of the Capsule Tower. The Nagakin Capsule Tower is the symbol of Metabolism, one of the last architectural japanese movements. In one building we can see all the main points of the moviment:-the passion for the towers-the house concept as a combination of prefabricated capsule where the private life is protected-the project has be linked to the technology because they are togheter the example of human powerthe metabolism borns from this strong union between human being, the technology and the space. the architect work is the metabolism of all these elements to create a new future.Lunico podcast is offered by lotusofa.com
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