1 minutes | Mar 21, 2019

L'unico podcast_Federico Babina on @domusweb - the constructivism

Constructivism in the new video by federico Babina on domus's Instagram, The star that appears in the video projects us into russian world After the revolutionBuilding the socialist "new world" means looking for a different way of organizing work and planning cities. here the architect starts from the interior space then to outside because at first the architect must think on functionality and he has to define the standarsno decorations and yes to use the cementthe concept of time is introduced in architecture: rhythm is the most important principleThe red color in the video recalls the Tatlin’s Tower for the Third InternationalThe tower should be 400 meters high: two iron spirals intersect diagonally and they enclose three glass solidsThe characteristics of the installation and movement are Mechanism, the use of industrial materials and explicit social political content
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