1 minutes | Mar 13, 2019

L'unico podcast _ Arata Isozaki wins the architectural award

Hi here l’unico podcast.Arata Isozaki is the architect who will win this year the most important architectural award, it is the Pritzker Architecture Prize.He is Japanese and he will receive it in may at the wonderful Versailes Palace in France.What is his personal motivation to make design projects?After the atomic bomb, his Japanese world suddenly changed and it become a landscape of refuges. This strong change of his country brought him closer to architecture: from that moment he tried to understand how people could rebuild their homes and cities.This personal research is clearly visible in his projects infact he is able to move his projects between Occidental and Oriental culture, between global and local design language at the same time. In Italy there is his amazing last project: the pure and elegant Allianz Citylife Tower.
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