19 minutes | Jun 2, 2021

Men's Health Month

Let's talk about Men's Health Month… The month of June is "Men's Health Month". It is a national observance used to raise awareness about health care for men and focus on encouraging men, to practice and implement healthy living decisions. Men suffer a lot of ill-related issues, whether it be due to cancer, ready to redo to just having shorter lifespans, whether it be due to the risk-taking activities that they partake in. Men's life expectancy has been shorted in women's for almost two decades, and it is not changing anytime soon. And we're gonna talk about some of the reasons why. We're going to see a lot of focus on men's health-related concerns. In today's episode, I am talking about Men's Health and its importance. Text LUNCHLEARNPOD to 44222 today or sign up at www.listentodrberry.com to join the mailing list. Remember to subscribe to the podcast and share the episode with a friend or family member. Listen on Apple Podcast, Google Play, Stitcher, Soundcloud, iHeartRadio, Spotify Sponsors: Lunch and Learn Community Online Store (code Empower10) Pierre Medical Consulting (If you are looking to expand your social reach and make your process automated then Pierre Medical Consulting is for you) Dr. Pierre's Resources – These are some of the tools I use to become successful using social media My Amazon Store – Check out all of the book recommendations you heard in the episode Links/Resources: DrBerryPierreTV Dr. Pierre's Health checks Social Links: Join the lunch and learn community – https://www.drberrypierre.com/joinlunchlearnpod Follow the podcast on Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/lunchlearnpod Follow the podcast on Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/lunchlearnpod – use the hashtag #LunchLearnPod if you have any questions, comments, or requests for the podcast For More Episodes of the Lunch and Learn with Dr. Berry Podcasts https://www.drberrypierre.com/lunchlearnpodcast/ If you are looking to help the show out Leave a Five Star Review on Apple Podcast because your ratings and reviews are what is going to make this show so much better Share a screenshot of the podcast episode on all of your favorite social media outlets & tag me or add the hashtag. #lunchlearnpod Download the MP3 Audio file, listen to the episode however you like.
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