20 minutes | Jan 5, 2021

The Five KPIs of Manager Value - Part 2 - Customer Satisfaction

Our latest episode is the second of a five-part series on the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of manager value.  We discuss Customer Satisfaction with Susan Dineen of ACS.  Susan proves that improving this KPI correlates directly to improving the Income Statement.  

The cost of winning new business is often 10x that for renewals, so a team approach to Customer Satisfaction that covers the points below pays off in higher sales and lower selling costs:  

1.      High customer satisfaction (e.g., >4 in a 1-5 scale) was proven to help close renewal business 

2.      Sharing KPI data with every department creates a culture of customer satisfaction

3.      Even a poor rating has high value as it can open a conversation to transform a customer relationship

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