75 minutes | May 9, 2019

041: How to Podcast Nothing

This is an episode about Doing Nothing. Well, it's about Doing Something to Do Nothing. It's also about lemons and cows. What? Yeah. Just listen. Show notes: https://lplks.org/blogs/post/041-how-to-podcast-nothing/ Two Book Minimum: The Farmer's Son (or The Cow Book if you're in Ireland) by John Connell The Nickel Boys by Colson Whitehead  The Book of Flora by Meg Elison The Natural Home by Isabelle Louet She Said/She Said: How to Do Nothing by Jenny Odell Nothing is harder to do these days than nothing. But in a world where our value is determined by our 24/7 data productivity . . . doing nothing may be our most important form of resistance. So argues artist and critic Jenny Odell in this field guide to doing nothing (at least as capitalism defines it). Odell sees our attention as the most precious--and overdrawn--resource we have. Once we can start paying a new kind of attention, she writes, we can undertake bolder forms of political action, reimagine humankind's role in the environment, and arrive at more meaningful understandings of happiness and progress. We Can't Always Be Reading: Heads up! Summer Reading Book Nerd Party!!  Join us at Happy Shirt Printing Co. in North Lawrence for book trivia with Andy Morton, bookish tarot, button and t-shirt making, head-to-head challenges with Brad the Director, snag some swag and free books, and MORE!  Lawrence Beer Company will be on hand to treat your tastebuds right, plus we'll have snacks, music, and lots of book nerdish merriment, because Summer Reading isn't just for kids! Free and casual; ages 18+ (21 to drink). ----------------------------------- 2019 Book Squad Goals Reading Challenge can be found here: http://tinyurl.com/LPLBSG2019 Twice(-ish) a month, the librarians are in, with their favorite recommendations in Two Book Minimum, a toe-to-toe discussion on a book or topic, as well as news from the book world, updates from Lawrence Public Library, and beyond. This episode was produced by Jim Barnes in the Sound & Vision studio. Our theme song is by Heidi Lynne Gluck. You can find the Book Squad Podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, or SoundCloud. Please subscribe and leave us comments – we’d love to know what you think, and your comments make it easier for other people to find our podcast. Happy reading and listening! xo, Polli & Kate
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