60 minutes | Jul 1, 2021

Bonnie Tsui

Welcome to episode seventy-eight of the Löw Tide Böyz - A Swimrun Podcast! (It’s also episode 101 of total podcast content!)So it is fitting that we have what we think is one of our best shows ever, maybe even the best show. This week we have Bonnie Tsui on the show. She is the author of Why We Swim (an amazing book about swimming, water, and life that we’ll talk more about later), a New York Times contributor, a surfer, and a Bay Area local. We were totally honored and humbled that she agreed to come on to our super niche podcast to talk with a couple of random dudes about her book. She was awesome to chat with and we can’t wait to share our conversation with you!More on this interview later in the show.Training UpdateWe’re continuing to ratchet up our training for Casco Bay and we’re feeling pretty good about where our run is at. Swimming is the type of thing that we will never totally be happy with so we’re putting in the time and following the process. All in all, we had another good week of training this past week with a long Swimrun practice over the weekend focusing on some longer swims with fast running mixed in.  #LFGShoutouts/Feats of EnduranceThis week we’re shouting out and giving the Feats of Endurance award to our friend Tobias Rop. Toby crushed the Austria Extreme Triathlon over the weekend finishing in the top 15! Strong work!Need some inspiration in your training life? Then be like Toby and join the LTBz Strava Club and connect with fellow Swimrunners as they train and race all over the world. This Week in Swimrun (Powered by Raceid.com)Lots of Swimrun news to share this week.Envol Coaching’s Big “Battle” is done! Congrats to all the Swimrunners around the world that participated and bonus congrats to the Dutch Swimrunners team for winning the battle. Pretty sure that they Swimran more in a month than most people have in their entire lives.The ÖTILLÖ Utö hype video is out and Rasmus Lodenius, our friend and former guest of the show, produced yet another awesome film. Make sure to check out our Utö race recap episode with Helena and Åsa if you haven’t listened to that yet. Up next for ÖTILLÖ is their Engadin event happening on July 10-11. Listen to our course preview episode to get all the details on that amazing location and course.Speaking of ÖTILLÖ, they announced this week that they will introduce a SOLO division for their World Series distance events. Their purpose for the move is to open up the races to more people and to grow the sport of Swimrun. The SOLO racers will not get ranking points and they will not get points in the World Series standings. No change to the World Championship format where only teams may qualify.Love Swimrun recently announced that all their events for 2021 are open for registration. If we’re ever in North Wales we will definitely be checking out their events. The Holy Island Swimrun on Sept. 11th looks particularly magical.In the category of random events that we learned about from Instagram, NZ Swimrun is hosting a 3-day Swimrun camp in Whangamata, New Zealand on August 20-22. This is an all-inclusive camping experience and it looks awesome. We don’t know anything about it other than that but if you’re in the area, it might be worth checking out.That’s it for this week. Feel free to email us to tip us off to any events or Swimrun news that you’d like for us to share on the show.UpdatesOur latest episode of Gear Talk with the Swimrun Labs is out. We did our full review of the ARK Sports’ latest opus, their new ORNÖ X Swimrun Wetsuit. This suit is worth the hype in our collective opinion so check out that show, if you haven’t already.We know that we’ve been mentioning our Ödyssey Swimrun discount code a lot since we got it but that is only because we love their events and think that you will too! Use the code LOWTIDE15 to save 15% on your registration. By the way, Casco Bay is 80% sold out so if you’re the type of person to wait until the last minute then now is your time to shine...and join us at the start line.Our Conversation with Bonnie TsuiWhat can we say about this interview? It might be our best work but not because of anything that we did. Bonnie was a great guest and we loved chatting with her about her book, Why We Swim. We covered a lot of ground in this interview where she discussed what inspired the book, what blew her mind the most in her research for the book, and so much more. Make sure to check out her book Why We Swim. The new paperback edition is out now.Learn more about Bonnie Tsui on her website.That’s it for this week’s show. If you are enjoying the Löw Tide Böyz, be sure to subscribe to the show on your favorite podcast player and leave us a five-star review. You can find us on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcast, and on YouTube. You can also follow our meme page on Instagram. Email us at lowtideboyz@gmail.com with any feedback and/or suggestions. Finally, you can support our efforts on Patreon…if you feel so inclined.Thank you for listening and see you out there!-  Chip and Chris
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