59 minutes | Jun 8th 2020

Ep 26 — Will Siu, MD — Psychedelics: Amplifiers of the Unconscious

Dr. Will Siu is a psychiatrist, speaker, and expert on psychedelics. He has been featured on the Netflix show The Goop Lab and has been trained by MAPS in MDMA-assisted Psychotherapy. In this informative, moving, and existential conversation, we talk about how psychedelics are amplifiers of the unconscious, the research behind them, and Will’s personal experience with depression, loneliness, and his journey towards healing and discovering psychedelics. Let’s face it, psychedelics are becoming progressively more mainstream and are already an integral part of our culture’s search for healing and mental health. This interview helps us understand its power, potential, and risk. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/lovelink/support
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