27 minutes | Sep 10th 2020

The Relationships You’re Confusing with Love

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Welcome to episode 231 of the Love Live Connection podcast, The Relationships You’re Confusing with Love

I’ve worked with enough women to know that sometimes when someone is describing a current or past relationship, I know when they are describing it through rose colored glasses.

Obviously things happen, but I’m very skeptical when I hear stories around being blindsided. Yes, that might have been your experience, but to the outside eye, there were probably a lot more signs.

Knowing what love is and what it isn’t will help you to protect yourself from being in a relationship you're confusing with love and from being blindsided in the future.

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3:12 - Why I describe love and happiness as  states of being

4:52 - Why I’m skeptical about hearing stories about being blindsided by a breakup

6:38 - Why the scenario of filling a void can be confused with love

12:08 - The second type of relationship that can be confused with love is when two people’s issues dovetail each other.

19:39 - The third way you can get confused with love, idealizing your partner or the relationship

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