44 minutes | Nov 26th 2020

Is He Right for Me and How to Know What You Need With Marti

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Welcome to episode 241 of the Love Live Connection podcast, Is He Right for Me and How to Know What You Need With Marti

In today’s show, my caller is unsure of how to ask for what she wants and needs in her relationship without being bitchy or naggy. She’s also got these other questions swirling through her head, “Is he right for me?” “How can I ask for what I want without trying to change him?” and “What’s happening long term in this relationship?”

All of these questions can feel overwhelming and cloud the issue at hand which, getting what she needs.

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3:14 - A list of episodes (linked below) to start with if you are new to the podcast

7:51 - Marti asks for direction with dating 

10:59 - Finding a balance between settling or being too picky

15:05 - How to ask for what you want

36:45 - A walk-through of the Emptying the Vessel technique to help you make big decisions


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