45 minutes | Aug 20th 2020

How to Set Boundaries, manage anxiety, and not sabotage a finally healthy relationship

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Welcome to episode 228 of the Love Live Connection podcast, How to Set Boundaries, manage anxiety, and not sabotage a finally healthy relationship

This episode starts off with a common fear I hear from many women in the community: I finally met someone great, how do I not mess it up?  I discuss this very issue today with my caller, Abby. But like usual on the show, there’s a hindrance to her feeling more secure in the relationship. In this case with Abby, it’s rooted in her relationship with her mom.  It’s not that she needs to heal her relationship with her mom, but she needs to set boundaries because it’s bringing out her core wounds.  This is the equivalent of picking off scabs when you’re trying to heal a physical wound.

Setting boundaries will give Abby the space she needs to have an even better relationship with her mom.  It will also help Abby do the inner child work she needs to do to feel less anxious in her romantic relationship.

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1:19 - An example of something I have been experiencing lately where I need to set a boundary

5:09 - An introduction to my caller today who’s in a healthy relationship, and is scared she’s sabotaging it

6:16 - Abby presents her fear

9:35 - Abby describes her childhood with her mother

16:30 - My advice to Abby on how to heal her core wound by setting some boundaries

21:05 - The one place Abby wants to set a boundary with her mother

26:18 - A tool Abby uses to help ease her anxiety 

27:23 - My suggestion to help Abby curb her anxiety

33:10 - A recap of my call with Abby


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