42 minutes | Nov 19th 2020

How to Set a Boundary (and Really Mean It!)

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Welcome to episode 240 of the Love Live Connection podcast, How to Set a Boundary (and Really Mean It!)

I really love this episode with my client, Laura, because she’s in a very specific situationship with her best friend, but we tie it back to some deeper, core issues.

Setting a boundary or asking for what you want or need is never the problem. I know it can feel scary to do it especially if you’ve done it before and it’s blown up in your face. But remember, if someone can’t handle your boundary, emotion, or opinion, the problem is who you attracted into your life, not you.

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5:27 - Laura wants to know what to do about her best friend who is not respecting her boundaries

14:25 - Laura’s version of success is different from her family’s, causing friction

18:48 - My advice to Laura on how to set a boundary with her brother

24:22 - Why setting a boundary with her best friend may be hard

27:20 - How connecting to her inner child every day has increased Laura’s confidence

31:30 - Is setting the boundary the problem? Or is it the person who was unable to accept the boundary the problem?

35:45 - Why setting boundaries is hard


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