38 minutes | Jul 16th 2020

How to Rediscover Who You Really Are With Rachel

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Welcome to episode 224 of the Love Live Connection podcast, How to Rediscover Who You Really Are With Rachel

You know when you’re on a date, and you really want the other person to like you, but you can’t help but feel like that awkward teenage girl whose boobs were growing faster than the other girls and you just got a big zit on your nose?

 On the Love Life Connection this week, my caller Rachel is wondering why on earth she’s pushing away potential partners, even the seemingly nice ones. 

This actually is quite common among my clients and while there are quite a few reasons this can happen, in Rachel’s case, she still feels like that awkward teen with acne. 

Over the years, Rachel has completely forgotten who she is, and has found herself pleasing, conforming, and going through the motions. 

Per usual, I coach Rachel through some inner child work to heal this, but it’s with a bit of a twist. 

You’ll see what I mean when you listen. 

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6:36 - Rachel presents her question

8:40 - What Rachel’s real question is

10:52 - Rachel describes her childhood

14:22 - I do some inner child work with Rachel

19:29 - I help Rachel re-discover who she really is

25:14 - Rachel’s take-aways from our conversation

30:36 - A re-cap of my discussion with Rachel

34:08 - Your actions steps from today’s call

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