47 minutes | Sep 3rd 2020

How to Get Past a Big Breakup With Amber

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Welcome to episode 230 of the Love Live Connection podcast, How to Get Past a Big Breakup With Amber.

Amber joins me today with a question about why dating was so hard after her 13-year marriage came to an end.  Getting over a big breakup is not as straight forward as you may think.  As is common in my coaching sessions, I help Amber to see that moving on from the relationship isn’t just about getting over the person.  It’s also about looking at the reasons the relationship came into your life, understanding the dynamics of it, the break-up, and what that relationship gave her that she wasn’t able to give herself.

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1:00 - A personal update

12:00 - Amber presents her struggle getting over her big break up

15:15 - Amber describes her relationship with her recent relationship

17:56 - Where Amber’s self-confidence is rooted

20:44 - My recommendation to Amber to take a break from dating

25:10 - I address Amber’s fear of being too old and time is running out 

26:55 - I encourage Amber to move from edutaining to doing the work and healing

35:18 - A recap of my conversation with Amber

39:40 - What Amber and I talked about after we stopped recording about finding a therapist

42:20 - Why telling yourself time is running out is not helpful

43:44 - Action steps to help you get over a big breakup 

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