47 minutes | Jul 23rd 2020

Dating as a Feminist and Healing from Sexual Trauma

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Welcome to episode 225 of the Love Live Connection podcast, Dating as a Feminist and Healing from Sexual Trauma

In today’s episode, I’m joined by my new friend Kimberly Rose Pendleton.   In my conversation with Kim, we talk about how viewing your experience in dating and relationships as a feminist reveals patriarchal norms still around us.  We also discuss how to heal, especially sexual trauma, though pleasure. Kim has a Ph.D. in women’s studies AND, she coaches women around sexual trauma and empowerment.

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7:40 - Kim introduces herself

9:05 - How Kim’s Ph.D. intersects with the coaching she does

12:30 - Examples of patriarchal structures that exist and how one might experience them based on who they are

16:40 - How patriarchal norms show up in active and online dating 

27:09 - What encompasses sexual trauma in Kim’s work

32:54 - How pleasure is the key part of the medicine to heal sexual trauma

37:05 - How the brain will cut off the memory or the feeling when there is trauma to the body

40:25 - Steps Kim walks her clients through who are ready to be more comfortable with sex

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