40 minutes | Jul 2nd 2020

Dating an Addict: Work it Out or Leave?

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Welcome to episode 222 of the Love Live Connection podcast, Dating an Addict

I am addressing a topic that is often not talked about enough: addiction.  My caller today is in a relationship with someone who has an addiction and is unsure about how to move forward.  We dig into her inner child wounds and the parallels between her relationship with her mom and her boyfriend.  We also talk about the re-mothering she needs to do so she can heal the heartbreak and avoid falling into the pattern of attracting someone else she can try to heal her mom void with. 

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2:05 - Confronting the stigma around addiction  

5:40 - Tiffani presents her question about her boyfriend’s addiction

7:50 - We dig into Tiffani’s family history of her mother’s addiction problem

13:07 - How Tiffani’s current relationship is like being in a relationship with her mom all over again

18:20 - Why Tiffani is holding on to the relationship

24:58 - My guidance and advice for Tiffani 

26:57 - Tiffani talks about what she’s learned from our conversation

29:47 - I wrap up my conversation with Tiffani

35:14 - Two key takeaways from my call with Tiffani

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