1 minutes | Feb 16th 2021

NOTE: New (free) email course. Build your writing habit at kdv.co/100

Hey, just a quick note to let you know I’m launching a new (free) email course. It’s 100-Word Writing Habit, and you can sign up at kdv.co/100

I built my writing career by building a writing habit. Three books later, I still write 100 words first thing in the morning.

That gets me going so – in addition to books – I can ship an email newsletter each week, and a couple 2,000-word articles on this podcast, and a 5,000-word income report each month.

Sure, I write more than 100 words a day, but it all starts with my 100-word habit.

100-Word Writing Habit: New FREE email course (starts March 3rd)

My 100-word writing habit is so powerful, I'm starting a new email course to teach it to others.

Learn the power behind the 100-word habit, as well as how to set yourself up so you never miss a day.

Sign up before March 3rd at kdv.co/100

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