19 minutes | Aug 30th 2020

Love Unlimited with Hellen EP54: How to speak positivity into your marriage

Have you met a couple of lovers preparing for their marriage? They are often so in love and looking forward to their moving in together (If they have not already), and to start their new adventure together.

Their lives look and feel fulfilled. They are as happy as they can be and however much you try, you cannot talk any of them out of their marriage.  You may try to tell them that marriage is not a smooth bed of roses, but rather a thorny rose bush, or that challenges will come their way to test their relationship, Good luck with succeeding in discouraging them.

At that moment:

·         Love is all that matters

·         The future between the two of is so bright that nothing can dull it

·         The rest of the world is running against them, but it does not matter because they will win – together.

Then, time, life, children and environment changes everything.

They stop focusing on each other,

They stop trusting each other and instead trust the world more. They start backbiting each other and bringing each other down.

They forget the positivity they shared at the beginning of the journey.

They start calling each other names that no longer portray love, trust, respect, and partnership.

This needs to stop:

We need to speak love into our marriage. We need to speak faith, trust and prosperity in our marriage.

Just like a team: You can’t win if you are busy shooting opposite goals of bringing down your teammate.

When was the last time you told you spouse:

We got this together…

I trust in your ability…

You are awesome…

You are talented and smart,You rock my world...,I like how you step up to challenges…


Takes Two To Tango Book
Indifference and ignorance kills so many marriages today than ever before. Yours should not be among