12 minutes | Aug 24th 2020

Love Unlimited with Hellen EP53: Is it okay to keep in touch with your Exes after marriage?

Is there too much water that has passed under your bridge and you have had enough? You divorce, separate or flee an abusive marriage, or both of you mutually agree that there is no more love to share between the two of you.

You then move on and marry another person, invest your heart, time, and love on this new relationship.  Why then would you keep in touch with the previous spouse – your exe...?
Burning bridges: There are situations where it is obligatory to burn the bridges between you and your spouse. Especially if the relationship was extremely toxic
Business Partners and property co-owners: Couples who run their businesses together find it awfully hard to avoid keeping in touch with each other after breaking up and moving on
Shared responsibilities such as children: There are numerous divorces where parents are legally required to co-parent for the sake of the children (who are innocently caught between their parents’ conflicts).