46 minutes | Jul 16th 2020

Finding Your Tribe

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Does the thought of finding your tribe seem overwhelming and daunting? Do you feel disconnected from your current circle of influence and wonder about the best ways to “plug-in” to your tribe, especially now?

If you answered yes to either one of those questions, today’s “Love the Work You Do” episode is for you. 

Today’s episode is special because you’ll get to hear from three powerhouse women, Sarah Benken, Lisa Chuma and Dr. Sandi Eveleth, discuss how they have been able to find their tribes, respectively. 

Sarah, Lisa and Sandi will also discuss elements of building and nurturing a community that encourages other women, throughout the globe, to collaborate with more purpose and vision. 

Some of the points we discuss in the episode:

-Ways to ensure you have a diverse group of people in your tribe

-What to do if you feel lost or overwhelmed

-Why your social media content strategy plays a big part in finding, building, and nurturing your tribe

-Tapping into the power of the “Dream 100” and how maximize the value you bring to other people

About Sarah:

Sarah Benken is the Founder and CEO of KNOW Book | Tribe | Societe, an organization that provides space for dynamic female leaders to gather, collaborate, and be celebrated for their successes and hard work. 

Her mission to help women connect with a community that is centered around growth, development, championing, and sisterhood. 

Sarah is also active in her community. She teaches CEO classes to pregnant teens, works with women through ministries, and mentors many women throughout the country. 

She has always been enchanted by women who break the mold, even while working in male dominated fields. She believes in bringing women together to live out her personal, and KNOW Tribe manta, Lift and Rise.

Connect with Sarah: Website | Facebook | LinkedIn | Instagram 

About Lisa:

Lisa Chuma is a social media content strategist who works with busy solo business owners who want to use social media to get leads and clients. 

She moves her clients from overthinking + spending long hours creating content and posting on social media inconsistently TO having a clear social media content structure and strategy.

For over seven years, she used social media and email marketing to promote successfully and sell-out 1000+ participant exhibitions and workshops in Switzerland. 

She has written articles that have been published in local and international media outlets and spoke on many stages including TEDx, Google, Goldman Sachs and CNNMoney Switzerland. 

Connect with Lisa: Facebook | LinkedIn | Instagram 

About Sandi:

As an Optometrist for three decades and a digital marketing strategist for over ten years, Dr. Sandi Eveleth is passionate about helping optometrists, ophthalmologists, and other eye care industry leaders attract more patients/customers with digital marketing strategies, and increase profits with practice development resources.For fifteen years, she co-owned a private practice that specialized in vision therapy, computer vision syndrome, hard-to-fit contact lenses, and that provided lifestyle-oriented eyewear.Combining the experiences gained from owning a private practice and digital marketing company, she now provides training and consulting, either on-site or online, to accelerate the revenue growth of the companies she works with.

Connect with Sandi: Website | Facebook | LinkedIn 

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