72 minutes | Sep 30, 2020

The Transformative Power of Breakups with Shea Boland, Men’s Transformation Coach

In the society we live in, it can be difficult for men to find space to be vulnerable and share their emotions. Our guest this week, Shea Boland, a men’s transformation coach, holds that space and guides men on their own personal growth journey. - It took a long time for Shea to get to the level of self-awareness, inner peace, and joy that he is at today. Childhood trauma set the stage for years of drug addiction, trying to numb the pain, and failed relationships. - He reached a point of such desperation and fear of dying, that he finally surrendered and sought help. He entered an intense men’s recovery program and his life changed forever, in the best way. - He finally found a sense of purpose. He found that his pain can be the catalyst for healing. He found the courage to cultivate unconditional self-love, which has allowed for healthier relationships in his life and success in his coaching career. - Now, he guides other men to do the same, using presence-based coaching. This means that he does not give men a “formula” to follow or tell them exactly what to do, but rather, holds space for them, listens intently, and asks intuitive questions so his clients can get out of their heads and into their hearts. - In this powerful discussion, we cover Shea’s upbringing, his journey with childhood trauma, a wounded relationship with his mother, drug and alcohol addiction, recovery, the courage to honor all of his emotions, how he found his way to coaching, and the transformations he’s had through breakups. - For full show notes and resources: https://www.loveintently.com/podcast - Connect with Shea Boland Instagram: @sheaboland Website: www.sheaboland.com sheabolandcoaching@gmail.com - Connect with Sophie and Love Intently https://loveintently.com Follow @love.intently on Instagram Follow @sophkwok on Instagram

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