53 minutes | Sep 23, 2020

Moving from Self-Sabotage to Self-Support with Ashley Beaudin, Self-Sabotage Coach

Ashley Beaudin grew up very soft-spoken and shy, often feeling like she was talking but no one was hearing her. This, and other not-so-obvious trauma, lead to self-sabotaging behaviors, such as not taking care of her hygiene and losing her teeth, and struggling with sex addiction. - It was so difficult for her to find support for her sex addiction, but she never gave up on herself. She began to create her own recovery program hiring a therapist, recovery coach, and implementing a non-negotiable self-care routine. - In the process, she learned so much about trauma, coping mechanisms, and ways that we can support ourselves and overcome the behaviors that are keeping us stuck. Now, she shows up boldly and vulnerably to share her story and hold a safe space for women to feel seen and heard through her experiences. - Ashley Beaudin is a speaker, community gatherer and heart encourager who inspires humans into emotional wholeness, real community and bold leadership.

She is the visionary behind The Imperfect Boss; an international movement that shifts imperfections into superpowers and helps women lead with their whole selves. Ashley’s campaigns of empowerment and vulnerability have reached millions of people over three years and she has been featured in publications such as Brit + Co, Mind Body Green and Futurpreneur. - In this episode of Love Intently, Ashley bravely shares her self-sabotaging behavior, where it came from, and the exact framework she uses to self-soothe and self-support. She gives amazing advice on how to set boundaries with yourself around sharing vulnerably on social media so that you don’t end up causing yourself more pain, and she provides specific examples of how she works with her clients to help them see their cycles and disrupt them. - - For full show notes and resources: https://www.loveintently.com/podcast - Connect with Ashley Beaudin Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ashley.beaudin/ Quiz: https://www.ashleybeaudin.com/quiz - Connect with Sophie and Love Intently https://loveintently.com Follow @love.intently on Instagram Follow @sophkwok on Instagram

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