60 minutes | Nov 25, 2020

Making the Love You Want with Mike Johnson from the Bachelorette

Mike Johnson is an entrepreneurial powerhouse & the breakout star from ABC's ‘Bachelorette’ and ‘Bachelor In Paradise.' Mike is now transforming audiences worldwide by showcasing his global influence through brave storytelling and big smiles. With his focus on self-love, Mike now writes and speaks on how the ability to overcome stems from the power within. At only 32, he has already had an extraordinary and multifaceted career and life, from serving in the US air force to surviving reality-TV fame and so much more in between. In this episode of the Love Intently podcast, we talk about Mike’s best-selling independent book 'Making The Love You Want'. We also talk about what influenced his decision to leap into reality TV, the challenges and mindset shifts he has experienced with dating after becoming recognized in the public eye, His experience with sexual trauma, his advice on speaking up, and the love truths he now lives by. Mike truly has a fantastic story to share. Key Topics Discussed in This Episode: -What dating life has been like for Mike after staring in the US reality tv series 'Bachelorette' and what effect this experience has had on his mindset. -What influenced mike to write his book "Making the love you want." -What the balance is between self-love and being egotistical. -Experiencing Sexual Trauma and having the courage to speak up and seek help -Practicing self-honesty, self-love, and what it really looks like -Shifting from a pessimistic to an optimistic mindset and the power of positive affirmations. Connect with Mike Johnson Website: https://mikejohnsonsmile.com/ Instagram: @mike_johnson Connect with us on Instagram @love.intently @sophkwok Get The Adventure Challenge for 10% off with code “LOVEINTENTLY” http://www.theadventurechallenge.com?aff=174 Link to Full Shownotes: http://loveintently.com/blog/making-the-love-you-want-with-mike-johnson-from-the-bachelorette/2020/11/24
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